Digital Multiverse is growing.

We decided to give Joomla a toss and are running Wifi for web control and access
To manange your account (or create a new one) follow this link:
The Login name and password are the same as that of your avatar.
Instructions for (re)configuring your viewer are below.

System status as of 2016-11-28: No changes since the 2016-11-21 update.

"Landtool" installed. One can now buy and sell parcels.. HOWEVER! You must reconfigure your viewer!

Firestorm users:
  1. Start the viewer and at the bottom of the screen choose any grid EXCEPT Digitalmultiverse
  2. Click "Viewer" at upper left and click "Preferences"
  3. Click the "Opensim" tab on the left.
  4. Select "" from the list then click "Remove".
  5. Click "OK" when the "Are you sure..." window pops up.
  6. Now type in in the "Add new grid" text entry box and click "Apply"
  7. At this point the Digitalmultiverse splash screen should be showing.
  8. Finally make sure that "Helper URI:" reads "" If correct click "OK".

Singularity Users:

  1. Start the viewer and at the very bottom of the screen click ""Grid Manager""
  2. At "Select a grid:"choose Digitalmultiverse Virtual World if not already selected.
  3. Make sure that login URI: reads Change if necessary.
  4. Click Refresh Grid URLs.
  5. Click Advanced and confirm that "Helper URL:" reads
  6. Click "Apply" then "OK" The splash screen should update.

At this point your viewer has been reconfigured and you can just log in normally.

Groups fixed. Note: If using Firestorm Viewer, you must make your active group "none" when inviting others to join your group.